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Professional Data Returned by Instructors

June 4, 2019

Fellow Instructors

Last year TWU 557 conducted a demographic survey of our instructors. At that time the group consisted of 130 instructors. There were over 106 surveys completed. The following data is a synopsis of the total data returned. It represents our Instructor professional qualifications before teaching the Southwest Training Product.

Our group is a highly qualified professional aviation/n teaching group. You should be very proud of your credentials. The following data was presented at the TWU 557 Open House/Meetings in April. We are an impressive group that sets the tone for the Southwest Flight Crews that we train.

We present first impressions that speak to the efficiency and safety of Southwest operations. The following data reveals a great deal about our instructor group. The Company should also appreciate our professional qualifications, teaching abilities, and what we have to offer as Flight Crew Training Instructors.

TWU 557 Instructors Represent:

  • 1.6 million Flight Hours of total flying time, with the average instructor having over 14,000 flight hours. Many instructors have reported in excess of 20,000 total flight hours.
  • The average instructor’s Boeing 737 Flight time is over 5400 hours in the Boeing 737 with many above 20,000 flight hours in the 737.
  • The average time as a Flight Crew Training instructor is over 12 years.
  • The combined total of our instructors is 1200 years of service to Southwest Airlines.
  • Many instructors have over 30 plus years of service with the Company.
  • Almost half of our Instructors have FAA CFI-CFII qualifications.
  • Many are Certified Advanced Ground Instructors.


  • Our Instructor Aircraft Type Ratings include: Boeing 737, 747, 777 ,767, 757, 707, 727, 717, DC-9, DC-10, DC-3, CV-580,CV-440, CV-340 ,CV-240, MD-80, MD-82, L-382, L-188, L-1329, A-310, A320, BA-146 , AVR-146.
  • Others are type rated in almost all brands of corporate jets.
  • Many have single engine land and sea ratings.
  • Multiple Instructors have flown helicopters and gliders.
  • Several have remote pilot ratings.
  • Our Instructors have worked in Corporate Flight Departments as Corporate Chief Pilots.
  • The Instructor group overall reported extensive management experience in all phases of flight operations.
  • Many of our instructors have worked for multiple airlines.
  • Many have flown night freight.
  • Over 32 Instructors have master’s Degrees.
  • Two have PHDs.
  • One Instructor has a Juris Doctor Degree (Recently retired).
  • Over 50 have BA/BS Degrees.
  • 10+ have Associate Degrees.
  • Others have HS and Advanced Technical School degrees.
  • Almost all Instructors have had multiple advanced courses in professional aviation training. They also represent a variety of both aviation and non-aviation related disciplines.
  • Our instructor group has extensive Military Service and Flight Time in all types of military aircraft, including fighters, helicopters, tankers, bombers and large transports.
  • Many are combat veterans. Their former ranks range from Sargent to General.

To summarize, the raw data returned was very telling and indicates that our instructor group is a highly qualified professional group. Considering this data, we believe we are among the most qualified and experienced instructors in the industry, certainly in the Boeing 737. It is our intention to make the Company fully aware of the value added asset that our instructor force is to the safe and efficient flight operation of Southwest Airlines.

For the Executive Board and your Negotiations Team

Jerry Bradley

President TWU 557

Flight Crew Training Instructors

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