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Scheduled Contract Negotiations

Febuary 7, 2020

Fellow Instructors,

TWU 557 Negotiatiors are scheduled to meet with the Company on February 17th and 19th. During January meetings, both teams also exchanged ideas and positions on several Contract Articles. TWU Leadership will keep you informed on the status of Contract 2020 talks as we contiue to work toward an equiable agreement that recoginzes the professionalism and cost advantage which Instructors provide at Southwest Airlines. Simulator training for the return to service of the MAX will test all resources going forward. Your Negotiating team will continue working toward an agreement that will fit within the ever changing Advanced Qualification Program training at Southwest Airlines. Please continue to monitor the member only section of, "Contract 20202 News" for more detailed information concerning negotiations. 


Gerald H. Bradley

President TWU 557

Southwest Flight Crew Training Instructors



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