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Update on COVID-19 Related Training Issues

April 4, 2020

The Voluntary "Give Away to Herb" Option


You probably have read that the Company has given us the voluntary option to "give away" events back to the Company. We're calling this the "Give Away to Herb" option. By giving events back to the company (which just like a normal giveaway results in a reduction in our pay by one day) we will be helping conserve cash flow and reduce ongoing expenses. The Company has requested that we consider taking this action voluntarily, as a means of reducing our immediate costs.

To participate in this way, you simply fill out the online NEW Schedule Change Request form with the following modifications: (1) In the selection box for "Accepting Instructor" choose "Herb Kelleher (SWA) - Give Back To The Company" as the accepting instructor. In addition, (2) under Accepting Instructor Email choose "Herb Kelleher (SWA) -- No Email Required" as the accepting instructor email. Everything else remains unchanged, and the form will be sent via email to LEAD operations, as it is now.

When the company sees the accepting instructor as "Herb Kelleher", they will know that your desire is to give that event back to the company. If approved, it will be removed from your schedule in the same way a normal give away is processed.

The goal of this option is to save our company's cash as much as we are willing to do. Of course, you still have the option of trading/giveaway to another instructor.

For the present time, we are only doing this for the Month of April. But if successful, we may agree to extend this into the future.

Thanks for considering using this option, and thanks always for your professionalism and outstanding instruction.

**EDIT** 4/1/2020

In addition, to view schedule requests that have been sent to LEAD operations, you now have to choose between two menu items: (1) "Requests before 4-1-2020" and "Requests 4-1-2020 and later". This was made necessary when I changed the form to enter requests. 

Gordy Purcey

TWU557 Webmaster

TWU National Letter on CARES Legislation

Greetings Instructors!

Please see the attached letter from TWU National Headquarters regarding the recent "Coronavirus" Legislation that was passed.

Your TWU557 Board

Click Here for TWU557 National CARES letter



March 27, 2020

Dear fellow members:  

The announcement of Company wide ETO has brought numerous questions to light.  The option and process were never presented to your board before publication but some clarification has subsequently been outlined.  If you are interested in participating in this program, it will be offered in seniority order.  We are presently working with the company on additional options to reduce work schedules (part time, giveaways) and will keep you advised as details become available.  Together we will all weather the challenge of the unseen enemy of COVID-19, thanks for your help and understanding.  

Best regards, 

For the Executive Board,


Gerald H. Bradley

President TWU 557 Local

Southwest Flight Crew Training Instructors



Fellow Instrutors,

March 21, 2020

Please respond to the email sent to you today with a link to SURVEY MONKEY. The Executive Board needs your input should the Company choose to exercise Article 20, Part Time and Article 21, Leaves of Absence in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. There are daily changes in approaches beging considered by the Company during this PANDEMIC and period of operational uncertainty.  

Additionally, there is an Airline Aid Bill being currently debated by the US Congress which, if passed and signed into law, would help both Airlines and Labor. Please be assured that your Executive Board will represent your interests as Flight Crew Training Instructors as the Company works though this crisis. This is uncharted territory for Southwest Airlines. All of us will weather this storm.

For the Executive Board,


Gerald H. Bradley

President TWU 557 Local

Southwest Flight Crew Training Instructors

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